The 15th Annual Conference on Computers, Freedom & Privacy
April 12-15, 2005 > Westin Hotel, Seattle >
The Theme of the 15th CFP is Panopticon >
Over time, and particularly recently, surveillance of ordinary citizens has increased to dramatic levels. Not only are governments watching more aspects of their citizens’ lives, but those in the private sector are increasing surveillance of people as well. Often lost in the race to “increase intelligence” are discussions about different approaches to address problems like the threat of terrorism that are equally or more effective, but do not involve extensive and constant surveillance.
In addition to topics directly related to the Panopticon theme, other areas of interest include >
1. Domestic and international travel issues
2. Communications surveillance
3. Children and young adults growing up in a surveillance society
4. Social networking
5. The flourishing of free speech (i.e. blogging) in spite of increased watchfulness
6. RFIDs and other emerging technologies
7. Intellectual property issues
For more information, visit the main CFP page at and read CFP2000 Chair Lorrie Cranor’s essay on Ten Years of Computers, Freedom and Privacy.